mineral processing plant from quarry mining llc

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مصانع التخلص من الأتربة والغبار مزودة بفلاتر ملحق بها كيس

تقوم FAV Vollert KG، ألمانيا، بتصنيع معظم محطات التخلص من الأتربة والغبار الحديثة وتقوم بهندسة وتصميم محطات التحكم في الانبعاثات ذات الكفاءة والتي تتراوح ما بين 10,000 إلى 300,000 متر مكعب في الساعة. تعمل الفلاتر/ المرشحات من النوع Jet-Pulse في عشرات المصانع والمحطات في كل أنحاء الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا.

De dust plant with bag filter to keep the dust

De-dust Plants With Bag Filter

Dust Mitigation Solutions for Mineral Processing Plants

Crushing and mining operations require robust systems for controlling airborne dust emissions. Quarry Mining partners with Favorit Filter Systems GmbH because they manufacture the most modern de-dusting plants for the quarry and mining industries. Fine particle control is critical to a safe work environment. Our de-dusting solutions can effectively remove and collect dust at 10,000 to over 300,000 m3/h.

Control Dust All Along the Process

Dust pollution is a serious health and environmental concern. It can adversely affect the health of workers and anyone living nearby. Uncontrolled dust can settle on land, plants, trees, crops, and surface water. Quarry Mining installs and services complete de-dusting plants and encapsulation solutions that collect dust from stone crushers, screening operations, conveyors, and other dust sources. The Jet-Pulse filter system automatically cleans the filters using compressed air pulses.

Full Compliance with All Environmental Regulations

The engineering team at Quarry Mining has 20 years of experience complying with all local and international laws regarding air quality and dust emissions.

Beyond a legal requirement, we have an ethical responsibility to our employees and local communities to ensure the safest mineral processing plants possible.