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Drive components and vibration feeder plants based on vibration feeder technology form the core range of the spectrum of the in 1998 from AEG Vibrationstechnik GmbH renamed AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH since 1939.

Additionally, AViTEQ offer comprehensive worldwide service for commissioned AViTEQ and AEG systems. AViTEQ supply high-quality basic components for vibration feeder technology applications such as unbalanced motors, magnetic vibrators, appropriate controller systems and other drive systems.

AViTEQ competence for solving problems is based on the experience collected in 300.000 implemented units and applications worldwide.
AViTEQ-Vibration feeder technology guarantees maximum adaptability and the flexible design of conveying lines with highest safety and hygiene requirements.

  • Discharging Feeding Conveying

    Hopper Discharge Unit

    • Application closing, discharging, conveying and dosing mechanism in one unit
    • Length up to 6,000 mm, width up to 2,500 mm
    • Conveying capacity up to approx. 10,000 t/h

  • Vertical Conveying

    Spiral Conveyor

    • Gentle on bulk material, energy- and space-saving
    • Conveyor height up to 8,000 mm with a spiral diameter of up to 1,500 mm
    • Conveying capacity up to approx. 30 m³/h

  • Sorting Dosing Storing

    Small Conveyor

    • Conveying and dosage of fine-grained, but not too bulky, mass materials
    • Feeding and storing mass-produced parts
    • Industry- and product-specific solutions
    • Conveying capacity up to 45 m³/h, with individual drives up to max. 2,000 mm length or max. 600 mm width
    • High conveying capacity with compact dimensions

  • Screening Classifying Dewatering

    Vibrating Screens

    AViTEQ supply numerous types of vibrating screens. The selection depends on the bulk material, the task desired (dewatering, screen classifying, screening) and the space available. Further options include: vibration screen, the vibration mode (elliptical, linear) and the drive used (magnetic vibrator, unbalance motor, unbalance exciter).

    • Length up to 10,000 mm
    • Width up to 4,000 mm
    • Conveying capacity up to approx. 750 m3/h

  • Spreading

    Strewing Cover/Strewing Plate

    • High strewing accuracy by means of magnetic vibrators, foodstuff-approved, hygienic design possible
    • Spread up to 4,000 mm
    • Strewing capacity from 1 to 1,000 litres of strewn material per hour per metre of spread

  • Compacting Loosening

    Vibrating Table

    Hopper Vibrator

    • For compacting
    • Lengths up to 4,000 mm
    • Widths up to 2,000 mm
    • Load capacities up to 3,000 kg
    • For loosening
    • Phenomenal shaking force in small dimensions
    • Bunker diameter up to 4,000 mm
    • Wall thicknesses up to 25 mm
    • Vibration frequencies of 1,500 - 6,000 min—1

  • Cooling Heating Drying

    Vibrating Fluidbed Systems And Heat Exchange Equipment

    • Cooling, heating or drying mechanism
    • Wide range of models for optimum adaptation to existing processes, extremely gentle product handling