About Us


STIEBEL ranks worldwide as a leading supplier of advanced drive technology.

Whether modular systems for mobile hydraulics, gearboxes for the conveying industry or special tailor-made solutions - – STIEBEL offers rugged gearboxes that demonstrate their superior quality and reliability in daily use – worldwide. Our production program with our own designs include:

  • Stiebel QuarryMaster® HighPower drive units

    QuarryMaster® drive units consist of the gear box, coupling and a B3-IEC motor in tapped foot and further optionals such as brake. The individual elements are installed to a bracket (welded steel construction).The coupling – optionals as a flexible coupling or as a fluid coupling.
    In conjunction with the powerful motor (from 4 to 750 KW), the drive units are intended for moderate to heavy loads.

    The Highlights of Stiebel QuarryMaster® HighPower drive units :

    • Designed and manufactured at our company
    • Assembly of units from 4 KW up to 120 KW at QUARRY MINING facilities in UAE
    • Additional equipment options
    • Innovative lubrication system integrated in housing
    • Constant oil flow to bearing points
    • Lubricated within an oil bath
    • High life expectancy of bearings
    • Service-friendly due to horizontally divided housing

  • Stiebel special gears – optimal solutions beyond the standard

    We develop and manufacture tailor-made special gears. Based on many years of experience and extensive know-how of our engineers and product managers, the realisation times are very short and costs are kept to a minimum. Small piece numbers are also economical to produce!
    We are happy to provide you with sound advice relating to your particular application. We have a wide range of special solutions. Available are motor outputs from 0.5 to 1600 kW as well as torques from 150 to 320,000 Nm.
    The range of applications extends from drives for elevators, railway construction machinery, agitators, gas turbines, rotary snowploughs, presses, showmen equipment through to wire or plastic drawing machines. Virtually all input and output variants can be realised. Whatever your requirements are, speak to us.


    • Motor outputs from 0.5 to 1600 KW
    • Torques from 150 to 320,000 Nm
    • Short realisation time due to wide range of products and Stiebel project management
    • High utilisation factor through adaptation to specific working environments
    • Optimal advice by Stiebel Engineering Service
    • Wide range of applications
    • Cost-effective production also of small piece numbers

STIEBEL has the right solution for any application of mineral processing plants, bulk handling systems and environmental technologies.

STIEBELis an experienced and competent specialist in the development and manufacture of high-quality products for the conveying industry and mobile hydraulics. Thanks to the high demands we place on the quality of our products, our gearboxes and drives operate reliably under the harshest conditions worldwide. Long service life, low maintenance and virtually no outage times of our gearboxes are advantages from which you and your customers profit.

In addition to our standard range of products, we also provide gearboxes as special solutions that are exactly tailored to suit specific requirements. STIEBEL has accompanied the development of modern, high-performance conveying technology almost from the very outset. We developed our first shaft-mounted gearbox – the first and only supplier of this product at the time.

Today, we offer a wide range of products designed to meet virtually all infrastructure and industry requirements – from pump drives via conveying drives through to heavy-duty drives. As an experienced specialist, we are also able to provide special customer-specific solutions at any given time.