Environmental Technologies

QUARRY MINING LLC is committed to continuous environmental improvement by implementing environmentally conscious designs of their Mineral Processing Plants but also Bulk Handling Systems.

We offer complete encapsulation of all Plants and installations and effective de dust filter plants, while the Engineering and heart equipment is supplied by our German Supply Partner FAV Vollert KG and steel supports, silos and duct work is done by us. Dust emission and spillage from conveyors is a major concern to most installations. Our conveyors are designed to eliminate these problems using high quality belt-scrapers, robust skirt mountings and rubber skirting, and properly engineered feed and discharge chute-work.

Conveyor Belt Covers

We manufacture conveyor belt covers which allow access to the conveyor for maintenance and inspection without full removal. Access may be gained from either side of the conveyor using the galvanized hinges which also act as sliding bolts.

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De Dust Plants With Bag Filter

FAV Vollert KG, Germany is manufacturing most modern dedust collection plants and engineer and design efficient emission control plants from 10,000 to 300,000 cbm/h.

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Stone Ladders

Our design of stone ladders for the control of dust from high placed conveyor discharge locations is extremely robust and can be used in any grading size after crushing. At the same time degrading of aggregates is reduced if not eliminated.

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Encapsulation of Plants & Conveyors

Only proper encapsulation of all screens, crushers, chutes, transfer points of conveyor will ensure full function of a de dust system with filter bag.

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