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German Conveyor

Conveyor Belt Splicing on Steel Cord Belts
Trained GCI technicians make splicing on the belt unit and ensure perfect work. On request, GCI can supply splicing kits and can provide mobile vulcanization units.

Conveyor Belt Splicing on Fabric Belts, PVC
GCI technicians can make splicing on rubber and/ or PVC belts. Qualified splicing work using GCI repair materials ensure high operational security. GCI offers materials and equipment for all types of applications.

Conveyor Belt Repairs on Site
The GCI service section can repair all damage on the conveyor belts. Decades of experience make possible repair of punctures, lengthways tears, crossways breakages or edge damage. On request, GCI repair materials and GCI vulcanization units can be made available to you.

Other Installation Performance on Site
GCI technicians provide installation help and ensure perfect work on drum linings, adding linings and incorporating scrapers of all types. The GCI product range includes the necessary rubber materials, tools and devices.

Damage Assessment and Consulting on Site
On request, GCI technicians can assess conveyor belt damage, etc. on site. In addition to examining damage on site, competent and technically relevant solutions can be proposed and various options are being offered.

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