Bulk Handling Systems

Proven Designs, Reliable Components, and Professional Installation

Quarry Mining can reduce your transportation costs by up to 50% with our custom conveyor systems. They reliably transport materials across any terrain from the primary crusher to the stockyard or ship. We design conveyors in any configuration, including in-plant, curved, downhill, ship loading conveyors, and unloading systems. Our optional downhill conveyor can offset power costs by 100% using gravity to self-generate electricity.

Conveyor Systems for bulk handling systems in mineral processing plants, developed by Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Versatile Conveyor Systems

Quarry Mining LLC develops conveyor belt solutions for light, medium, and heavy-duty capacities. Our conveyors continuously transport materials like limestone, dolomite, gabbro, and other mineral products over 4 kilometers or more of rough terrain throughout the MENA region. We produce the structural steel in-house under strict adherence to European specifications. We source vital components such as gear motors, rollers, rubber belts, and PLC control panels directly from our reputable German and European partners.

Conveyor Systems Are Cost-Efficient

Bulk Handling Systems Saudi Arabia from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Conveyors are an indispensable part of intralogistics for mineral processing plant operations. We use the highest-grade materials and components for long-life durability. Due to lower downtime and easier maintenance access, productivity can be up to 25% higher with our bulk handling systems.

We’ve constructed conveyors up to 4,000 metres, significantly reducing transport costs and increasing efficiency over diesel-powered trucks.

Bulk Handling Systems Saudi Arabia from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Quarry Mining specialises in designing and building conveyors for the mineral processing industry. We use German-made Stiebel direct flanged gear motors for durability. Always in stock, you can have a replacement motor or gearbox onsite within hours.

Conveyors come in light, medium, and heavy-duty with standard belt widths from 500mm to 1400mm. Steel framework can be hot-dip galvanised or sand-blasted, primed, and two coats of superior quality paint.

Conveyor System

The conveyor system is vital to the entire operation for mineral processing operations. They continuously move more material per hour than truck transportation.

Quarry Mining is ISO 9001:2015 Certified to engineer and build conveyor systems at any length and over any terrain. We can incorporate dust encapsulation and downhill conveyors that self-generate electricity to reduce operational costs.

Barge Loader or Ship Loader

Ship loading conveyors are the best way to load various bulk materials rapidly. Conveyor systems can fill a ship’s hold in a fraction of the time and cost of other methods.

Quarry Mining can design and install mobile or stationary ship and barge loading systems based on your port’s layout and material handling requirements.