Encapsulation of Plants & Conveyors

Control Dust Emissions from Crushers, Screening, and Conveyors

Dust emission and spillage from conveyors are a primary concern for most plants. To ensure a safe and dust-free operation, Quarry Mining can enclose all areas of the process that produce dust pollution. These areas include the crushers, screens, and chutes at conveyor transfer points. Next, we will connect to a de-dust plant, forcing the dust into the bag filters. It is a self-cleaning system that effectively removes airborne dust 24/7 without interruption.

600/550 t/h Crushing & Screening plant with KLEEMANN crushers, KLEEMANN screens, feeders, PLC controls.

Effective Dust Control

The primary benefit of encapsulation and adding a de-dusting plant is cleaner air. This efficient combination can reduce windblown dust and fines to almost zero. Our complete dust capturing solution includes encapsulating and dust sealing conveyors, feeders, screens, and crushers. We can fabricate conveyor covers to fit any belt dimension.

Encapsulation Service

Airborne dust elimination in your plant begins with designing covers that fit your conveyor systems. Our unique design allows maintenance access using hinges on either side. There is no need to remove the top.

We can encapsulate crushing and screening equipment at feeder and discharge points to eliminate dust emissions. If necessary, you can also add a wet system to suppress dust anywhere in the process. These encapsulation solutions have proven to reduce dust and fines emissions tremendously.