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Conveyor System UAE

Quarry Mining LLC designs, manufactures and installs conveyor belts of standard widths, load capacity, and various quarry and mining operations configurations. Innovative designs include curved, in-plant, and downhill models that can self-generate electrical power. Our conveyor systems use the most reliable motors, gearboxes, and parts from our German supply partners like Stiebel, GCI, FAV Vollert, and Aviteq. We manufacture the structural steel in-house to ensure durability and long service life.

600/550 t/h Crushing & Screening plant with KLEEMANN crushers, KLEEMANN screens, feeders, PLC controls.

Conveying Solutions For Bulk Minerals

When designing your conveyor system, our engineers ensure that it will endure the harshest environmental conditions, including high wind loads and earthquakes. Quarry Mining uses the latest design software and builds robust conveyors to international standards, including ISO 9001:2015.

Energy Efficient Conveyors


When you require conveyors to provide high capacity, flexibility over long distances and rugged terrain, choose Quarry Mining. Our downhill conveyors can generate power, offsetting 100% of the energy cost. Our low-maintenance conveyor belt systems can handle 25,000 tonnes per hour while feeding multiple operations from a single source. They are cost-effective, transporting bulk mineral and crushed rocks for around 50% less than trucking.