PLC System Design and Engineering

Efficient Central Control for Mineral Processing Plants

Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) are the control hubs, or “brains” for any mineral processing plant. They control the different automated systems and mechanical processes. PLC’s allow plants to run efficiently and profitably from a single location. Quarry Mining designs the latest PLC systems capable of controlling various equipment, including rock crushers, screening machines, and bulk-handling systems for your plant’s requirements.

Total Plant Control

Quarry Mining has end-to-end capabilities in designing and developing industrial PLC systems
that scale with your operational needs. Our engineers can design the software, hardware Data-Server interface, and applications for your plant’s operations. We also provide on-site training and periodic system maintenance.

PLC System Design and Engineering Features

PLC System Design and Engineering from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Upgrade your automation for maximum productivity at the lowest costs.
As your long-term partner, we stay with you during the design, commissioning, and after the deployment phases of your PLC system.

In addition to the PLC systems, you get data-server applications, troubleshooting, and maintenance of existing plants. Complete automation offers maximum efficiency.

PLC System Design and Engineering from Quarry Mining LLC UAE