constructing mineral processing plant

Engineering and Design

The success in QUARRY MINING depends on some significant factors like design, fabrication and installation. The highly proficient teams specializing in fabrication, design as well as installation work together for every project. This starts from the professional proposals through effective strategy to make sure every single objective is achieved as expected by the client.

The expertise in QUARRY MININGis combined with the on-site practical efficiency in achieving reasonably priced, and value engineered solutions for clients. Most important that our Client will reduce production cost and increase profit with the help of our solution and product.The engineering team consists of expert level professionals having proven their engineering skills through years including creative draftsmen and technical professionals.

Our engineering specialization consists of these services

Desk-top studies.

Concept based designs and plans.

Developing installation methodologies and erection methods.

Downhill Conveyor Truss with Pylon
Downhill conveyor truss with pylon supports

There is proven experience in installation and designing of mineral processing plants. We have been working on world class mineral processing operations based on various mineral types throughout the MENA region. Our teams adopt the proven methodologies and inject new ideas to come up with design concepts that work perfectfor mineral processing plants. Be it small mineral plants or complex ones depending on their size and processing capabilities. All projects are done with world class quality standards.

The regular exposure to processing plants gives our experts new ways to design and innovate the drafts and designs of mineral processing plants. Our mineral processing plant designs combine a wide range of processing equipment and services. These uniquely combined specialties allow our teams to come up with outstanding engineering solution.

Downhill Field Conveyor
Downhill Field Conveyor

The team’s knowledge and expertise is continuously updated by using world class opportunities meant to rejuvenate engineering expertise and inculcate creative bent of mind. Our collaboration with renownedGerman businesses like KLEEMANN, STIEBEL, NILOS, and FAVVOLLERT makes sure that our teams have regular international engineering exposure.

For some specific cases, we offer the expertise of specialist consultants that are tied up with us on project basis. The experts come from local as well as international markets as per the project requirement. The consultants work in the managerial guidelines and supervision of our in house engineers to ensure adherence to company specific quality standards. The quality standards include ISO accredited standards of quality and risk managing techniques.

When it comes to designing of our mineral processing plants, products and applications involved in material handling, the technical assistance is derived from German methodology and is of world class standard.

The success and accomplishments of our company is derived by our specialists and efficient people that believe in working and encouraging each other throughout quarry &mining projects. Our approach to the client work is specific and we believe is designing a team of experts meant to individually cater to specific client project requirements. This makes sure the result is optimized designs as per client’s instructions.

The engineering teams within our company are specially meant to offer the achieved engineering expertise, innovative approach, and cost effectiveness along with professional execution. Our teams possess the expertise to handle complex to demanding projects that may include plant up gradation, refurbishment work, and work involving mechanical, electrical, structural and hydraulic engineering domains.

Engineering and Design Processing Plant
Processing Plant

The process of QUARRY MININGis dependent on the implied principles within the minerals industry that are proven by highest international standards. This approach uses qualified team of expert, world class mining equipment’s complemented by advanced software and advanced equipment found in the market.

Our experts make sure that every time, something new and innovative is created for our clients. This also means firm adherence to quality, safety standards, sustainable designs, functional approach, time and cost benefits for the client.

As innovating something means introduction of new ideas or working methodologies, with us it also means taking these new ideas for implementation and coming up with working methodologies that ensure profitable results for our clients.

Whether it’s a product or a simple application, both are believed to have same set of functioning and requirements. However, in our projects, the unique parameters like geographic, environmental (e.g. UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey etc.) and geotechnical are taken into consideration. This helps in offering a variety of creative choices to our experts to deliver reasonable priced timely solutions.

Our engineering team uses modern day designing and technology based software like AutoCAD and 3D Virtual Design which helps in coming up with workable designing solutions that could be converted into installation processes later on.

Drafting group uses the below mentioned software (as per specific project requirement)

The conveyor design software for supporting right calculation in less time span.

Finite Modeling Software (FEM) for calculating steel structures.

For managing and creating assembly drawings, we use 2D and 3D parametric CAD applications like AutoCAD, Inventor and Structure Detailing.

To give finishing touch to our designs, we use Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) Software.

Working Sheet for Conveyor Design
Working sheet for conveyor design
3d Mining Design of a conveyor - uphill
3D model for 60m long stockpile conveyor

The 3D designs help in understanding the actual installation required and comprise of substantial details that initiate easier communication with client required for the project’s success. All these drafts and designs are taken into consideration right from the beginning of installation process. To make things easier, these design drafts are converted into animated models or 3D virtual models, which make elimination of possible installation errors possible at the beginning itself.

We believe in continuously keeping our promise of maintaining health and safety standards without compromising with the environment safety guidelines. The designs created by us are made through strict adherence to health and safety norms that ensure proper safety and efficiency for its users. We believe in promoting environment friendly designs that go hand in hand with nature. This helps in curbing down the harmful environmental effects that may result from fabrication, installation, operations and its commissioning stages.