Stone Ladders

Controlling the Free Fall of Aggregates

Environmental Technology Stone Ladders from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Vertical drops are a challenge in quarry and mining operations. We construct custom stone ladders to help control free-falling rocks and minerals from high elevations that discharge to stockpiles or conveyors. Our stone ladder design is exceptionally robust and controls the flow of any grading size after crushing. Its internal design prevents breaking and size degradation. The stone ladder system substantially reduces spills and wind-blown dust emissions.

The Vertical Transfer Solution

A stone ladder is a high-elevation vertical transfer chute that controls the fall of rock and other minerals from one conveyor to another or onto a stockpile. The internal design slows the descent and feeds the products into a conveyor’s rock box. The design prevents damage to the conveyor. Proper placement in the conveyor’s centre and skirting eliminates spillage, and the unique design eliminates chute wearing and maintenance.

Stone Ladders Reduce Dust

stone ladder

Quarry Mining can custom build and install a square, circular or hexagonal stone ladder as a transfer chute for high elevation material discharge.

A stone ladder helps control dust suppression by reducing the exposure of winds and force of impact. Additionally, it reduces product degradation dramatically, contains dust, and controls the fall.

stone ladder