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Fabrication Engineering

Superior Job Preparation Schedules
As a part of our holistic customer servicing initiatives, we also offer construction of machines and steel structures, using the appropriate raw materials. The key input required by our fabrication workshop are the engineering drawings. We start off by bidding on the project and upon winning the bid, we commence our work. All critical processing in the entire manufacturing workflow happens from a single state of the art facility. These includedesign, welding, cutting, shaping and machining. One key differentiator in the process is the effort put in by our procurement team that ensures supply and availability of highest quality raw materials at the most reasonable price points.

The fabrication engineering process begins with precision-based shop drawings that serve as blueprints for the final product. This is followed by cutting-edge fabrication process and then the final installation. Some of the value offerings provided at different stages of the fabrication process include-

> Cutting – Use manual and powered sawing, chiseling or shearing

> Welding – Use hand held torches (such as plasma or oxy-fuel torches)

> Shaping – Use press brakes or manual shaping

> Assembling – The different components of the structure are joined together by use of riveting, adhesive binding, welding or threaded fasteners

Proficiencies in managed outsourcing services
We have specialized capabilities that help get the best value from third party vendors. We have well documented Outsourced Service Level Agreements (SLA) in place to uphold the quality benchmark which Quarry Mining is known for. We ensure that the project procurement selection, servicing quality, timelines andidentified budget, all blend beautifully with our overall project requirement. This helps us provide unmatched value with our partnership with third partyvendorsand suppliers in crucial stages of the process such as coating of galvanizing work.

Superior Quality Control and Quality Assurance
We have a dedicated set up that is responsible for highest grade quality control in every stage of the fabrication process. This helps us to overcome design flaws and development problems at the production stage itself and report them to management responsible for passing or rejecting the product release.

Through Quality Assurance, we attempt to improve and stabilize production and associated processes to avoid or at least minimize, issues which led to the defects in the first place.

This way the end product will have gone through rigorous and industry standard quality assurance protocols and thus will be a superior grade product in every way.

Engineering and Steel Fabrication drawing from quarry-mining llc

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