Conveyor Belt Covers

Protecting Workers, Materials, and the Environment

Conveyor Belt Covers Saudi Arabia from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Our unique conveyor belt cover design allows for easy maintenance access from both sides of the belt. This convenient and inexpensive solution uses galvanised hinges with sliding bolts allowing either side to flip up for faster maintenance. Conveyor covers are a cost-effective part of the dust collection and encapsulation system, helping the plant be more sustainable and environmentally compliant.

Conveyor Covers Prevent Accidents

Conveyor belts are inherently dangerous. Installing conveyor covers protects workers from accidentally contacting moving parts. Installing conveyor covers also reduces product loss of lightweight materials such as gypsum and sand during high wind or rain conditions. We can custom design and fabricate conveyor belt covers, including full-encapsulation, 3/4-encapsulation, and 1/2-encapsulation.

Custom Conveyor Belt Covers

cover of conveyor

Quarry Mining can custom manufacture conveyor belt covers for any width, length, and configuration of the conveyor.

You have a variety of materials to choose from. Contact our engineers today to see which material and cover design suits your operation. We will ensure that your conveyor complies with all local labour and environmental regulations.

cover of conveyor