Environmental Technologies

Eliminating Dust in Processing Plants and Conveyors

Environmental Technologies from Quarry Mining LLC UAE

Dust control and air quality are primary safety concerns of mineral processing and mining facilities. Quarry Mining has the systems for mitigating and eliminating dust throughout the processing facility and the bulk handling system. Solutions include de-dusting plants with bag filters and encapsulating the equipment and conveyors. Our conveyors come equipped with low spill discharge chutes, high-quality belt-scrapers, rubber skirting, and robust skirt mountings to reduce dust emission and spillage from conveyors.

Solution For Better Air & Safety

Quarry Mining offers custom solutions to improve your operation’s air quality and safety. Favorit Filter Systems GmbH provides the de-dust plants, and we fabricate the steel supports, silos, and ductwork. Our team can also improve engineering controls by redesigning or modifying existing filtration systems to reduce and eliminate dust.

Intelligent Environmental Solutions

Dust pollution affects people’s health. We are actively improving environmental controls in the mining and quarry industries.

We offer custom design de-dusting solutions for the entire process, from crushing to screening to the conveyors. We can add fine mist water systems, stone ladders, steel huts, and other solutions to provide a cleaner, safer work environment. Contact Quarry Mining to see how we can solve your environmental challenges.

De-dust with bag filter

We partnered with FAV Vollert KG to develop dust filtration systems for the quarry and mining industries for over ten years. They supply the filtration system, and we furnish the structural materials and ductwork. Our partnership makes a safer workplace for everyone.

We manage the entire encapsulation and de-dust plant installation process. Our de-dust solutions use various media, ranging from 10,000 to 300,000 m3/h. The filters are self-cleaning using only compressed air.

Excess dust can cause injury and costly downtime. Our experts can design a proper encapsulation and de-dust plant for your operation.

We will enclose all screens, crushers, chutes, and conveyor transfer points. Then, we will integrate a de-dust plant to continuously vacuum the enclosed areas, collecting the dust in a bagging system.

Conveyor belt covers reduce the dust in the local environment, protect fine-grained products from the weather, and keep workers from contacting the conveyor’s moving parts.

Our unique design uses galvanised hinges, and the hinge pins also act as sliding bolts. They allow the cover to swing up for conveyor maintenance without having to remove the entire cover. It is a safe and inexpensive design that meets safety and environmental compliance.

To reduce dust in open mining environments where material falls vertically from great heights, Quarry Mining developed stone ladders. They transfer material vertically from a high discharge location to a lower level.

The tower’s unique construction traps the dust but does not degrade the size of the aggregate.
It handles various grade sizes of crushed rock and other minerals.