Basic & Details Engineering

Plant Modelling and Design for Maximum Efficiency and Profits

There are two distinct phases when designing a project: Basic engineering and design engineering.
The basic design transforms the client’s vision into tangible plans for further development. Once the client agrees to the concepts, the detailed engineering design phase produces accurate and elaborate design plans for construction and operation.

Design and Engineering

Basic Engineering

The critical basic design phase is about 2% of a project’s cost, but it can reduce construction and operational costs by up to 30%. This initial stage of development uses the client’s ideas to create a flowchart using AggFlow software. The flowchart identifies the optimum capacity requirements for all machines. Engineers create conceptual drawings of the primary flow and equipment required. During this phase, engineers perform expert-level pre-structural analysis, mass estimation, and procure quotes for machinery from third-party vendors. Once all technical inputs are in place, we submit a well-researched request for quotation (RFQ) (RFQ is a document that is given by the client to the interested contractors/suppliers, the contractor/supplier submits a techno-commercial offer as a response to the bid) to the client.

Detailed Engineering

Basic and Details Engineering -electric plan for a quarry mining industrial plant

Our engineers design the final structure, including pre-structural analysis, filters, and ductwork using FEM (Finite Element Modelling) software from the conceptual drawings and flowcharts.
Once the purchasing department approves the third-party procurement quotes, we commence building manufacturing designs, foundation anchoring, and load plans. You receive copies of all plans for future reference.

Basic and Details Engineering -electric plan for a quarry mining industrial plant